Are they ever going to add be starts ?

Does any one know If there will ever be br starts ?

Hasn’t been said, however I hope they do not add BR starts to the main team slayer playlist. It ruins it for the rest of us, but I do agree there should be a BR starts playlist for the people that enjoy it.

So no, it has not been announced that I know of.

Edit your Title :wink: “Are they ever going to add be starts”

No. I dont think so!

I hope they have them in BTB and a few other playlists. I hope they keep it the way it is for base slayer and arena though.

They have not announced Battle Eifle Tower starts yet.

Eventually, when 343 finally acknowledges the uproar.
They’re still in their ‘we know what’s best’ stage, like their ideas for CTF in H4.
They will eventually see that as time goes on, people aren’t going to see their side and adapt, but get more and more impatient and pissed off that BR starts aren’t a thing.
People will hate AR starts more over time because they’ll have more time to recognize how broken of a concept it is, and it will become clearer with each subsequent match.
343 will come out and say that BRs are going to make a return, and try to spin it like it was their own idea and that they’re trying to spice things up or whatever, but really, it’ll be a futile attempt to gather back the playerbase who’d given up.
They will, of course, not admit they were wrong.

Based off the images i’ve seen of the BtB maps, BR starts could potentially work for that playlist. But honestly i’d be okay with AR/pistol starts and then DMRs/BRs being around the starting bases/team bases. Maybe 2-4 of each at each base with a respawn of a minute or two.

I wonder what the BE is, should be a cool gun.