Are these Halo 4 Acheivements?

Do you think these are Halo 4 cheevos? Click

I’m going to assume they are unless someone knows what game those cheevos belong to. Either way even if they are Halo 4 achievements we don’t really get any information.

If this has already been posted sorry for wasting your time.

Do they say how to unlock these achievements? They look like placeholders.

1 to 6 seem like audiofile related achievments, the other is gears. Perhaps it’s an arcade game, there will be an answer eventually to what they are from

Achievements 1-6 are Assassin’s Creed Revelations achievements, the other looks like Gears 3 probably.

The last one is definitely not an achievement from gears of war 1,2 or 3. just checked but the first 6 are def ACR achievements.