Are there any plans to make Easy Anti-Cheat compatible with Linux?

So apparently some games with Windows anti-cheat software (including EAC) are confirmed to be playable on Linux, but I couldn’t find anything for the MCC. Is the game’s online portion supported on Linux yet? Are there any plans to make the game’s online portion available on Linux in the near future?

Thank you in advance.

Well EAC is Easy Anti Cheat…
I am sure every OS System comes with a built in (Anti Cheat…) if not when you download the game…
they come with the software I think.

Operating systems come with anticheat software for unaffiliated video game programs now?

343 is making it clear they have no plans for Linux support, the only way anyone was able to get a response out of them about it was harassing them through support tickets. No explanation for why they won’t, though. Seems unusual to be so vehemently against a Linux userbase playing your game for little reason if any at all.

Sure hopefully they do because I want to be able to play MCC on the Steam Deck eventually since it’s run on Linux.

EAC has updated with LInux support in Proton, so it would be a simple checkbox according to Epic to update. And supporting the Steam Deck would be good, the best way is to let players get at it early on Linux currently and let them submit tickets to get iron out other issues with anti-cheat itself. Valve and Epic, mostly Valve, have done a lot of the heavy work allowing devs to support Linux with hardly any effort.


It would be great if 343 checked off the box to allow EAC to work on Linux. No development work required, just checking off a box and making many gamers happy…

Micrsoft has even said with Halo games today that they want to bring players together through games and not through platforms. By checking off the EAC box for linux support, it will allow more gamers to get into Halo and play with others around the game they enjoy.

And I hope 343 does what it can to allow the Infinite to work on Linux.

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I feel like this should happen eventually. I know cloud gaming is an option but not everyone wants to play via the cloud and many of us are wanting to play on the Steam Deck someday so turning on EAC means we can enjoy MCC and Infinite on the go without restrictions. Plus based on the messy premium pass I would think 343i would want more customers. :thinking:

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