Are the Weekly Challenges Impossible?

I have been playing Infinite since Monday last week and I am starting to notice that there are only certain modes that come up in the quick play. Last week I couldn’t find any slayer matches because I was only loading into lobbies with CTF and Oddball. However, this week I can only get into slayer lobbies and I have 2 weekly challenges that have to do with zone control and ball game modes. is anyone else having this problem?

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I went through over 40 games looking for stronghold matches so I could complete 3 weekly challenges. It is extremely frustrating. I’ve noticed more and more people dropping out right away in quick play matches if they aren’t what they need. I feel like this will be the end result of all quick play matchmaking if they don’t fix this. Where half your team will drop because they don’t need oddball, they are looking for CTF.

To be honest, the weekly reward challenge is worse. Apparently doing 20 weekly challenges isn’t enough to unlock the reward, the put it behind a “secret” challenge. Oh, and if it is one you won’t be able to complete because of skill requirements, you can’t swap it out with a challenge swap, so you worked so hard to get screwed in the end.

It honestly feels like the game knows what you need and puts you in the wrong game mode because I also had this happen. Even when I needed to win fiesta matches it was putting me against some really good players in quick play like onyx rank (I know cause they had the sticker).

Nope, I managed to get the first Ultimate reward (which apparently everybody got a couple days ago). I just got really lucky with my challenges, and I also happened to be sick, so I invested what would otherwise be an unhealthy amount of time into this game.

Leveling up the Battlepass takes way too long; it really needed to be a per-match system. You get 100 per match, 150 if you win. Challenges should have been reserved as an alternative method for unlocking store items.