Are The Weapons Too Weak Or . . . .

Are the Weapons to weak or are the Shields too Strong? I hit a guy with a Rocket Launcher and it did not kill him which kinda tells me the shields might be too strong IMHO.

That has nothing to do with the strength I’m afraid, I think that’s a desync or no hit detection issue. Because I can assure you, rockets very much blast people into another dimension.

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Rockets are weak.
Shotgun is super weak.
Plasma pistol is super weak (doesn’t disable vehicles with an overcharge shot… like what? Is this even Halo?)
Lack of aim assist on consoles makes a large handful of weapons weak: Mangler, stalker rifle.
Gravity hammer is weaker than previous Halos.
Sword has a weaker lunge.

The only thing that seems more powerful is the AR.

What I am going to do is some testing off line in custom games. Do some testing with some shields. The AR seems to be really weak. So like I said I will do some testing with the shields strength on different weapons and make my adjustments accordingly. I will soon find out.

The bsst weapon so far is the MELEE LOL!!

Side Note:

Wish the Custom Games would work “ONLINE” instead of off line. :frowning:

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On my end I can’t agree with anything here except the plasma pistol.

Rockets are fine (sometimes hit detection feels wonky but that’s a separate issue).

Shotgun functions differently from other Halos but wins in CQC all the time except against sword.

LESS aim assist makes skill more important. Mangler and Stalker rifle can kill on three shots so….

Grav hammer has more range from what I’ve seen.

Sword lunge range doesn’t feel any different.

I can’t say I feel the AR is super weak, it honestly does a decent job at mid range if you pace your shots instead of holding the trigger. But do let me know how your testing goes!

@POKEY_CLYDE Rockets are weak? Please explain that one, I’ve had rockets demolish me at full shields without a direct hit, that seems pretty strong to me. If you’re talking about them being unable to one shot vehicles, that’s by design. Though I will agree that the Plasma Pistol feels useless these days. It has a weak tracking for EMP stun on shields, it doesn’t stun vehicles, and it does nothing when just rapid fired at a person.

However, the aim assist I honestly don’t understand its position because some are saying it’s too strong, others are saying it’s non-existent. As someone who has garbage aim, I’m honestly not having too much trouble shooting people with everything but a sniper rifle (of which I’ve always been crap with super precision weapons).

The melee weapons though, the Hammer feels fine and with the grapple hook, that may be why the Sword has a weaker lunge. You don’t need a mega lunge when you can get up close and personal with the GH.

I’ve been 5 feet from a player and swung a hammer only to break that players shields and send them flying back 10 feet (which then puts the hammer user at a disadvantage as an AR at that range will just eat them alive).

If you’re not within smacking range of someone with the hammer, its not a one hit kill. A power weapon should be a power weapon regardless of if you have equipment or not. Requiring thruster or grapple hook to make the grav hammer or sword powerful does those weapons a disservice.

As for rockets, the splash damage is way less than in previous Halos. Unless the Rockets go off right at a players toes, they can probably survive them. Rockets have always been a skill-less weapon. An equalizer for those who aren’t the best at the game. Send Rockets flying near any player and unless they’re smart/skilled, 9/10 you’re getting a kill.

As for aim assist, it is low. Mouse and keyboard players will have a better time using skilled weapons like the mangler or stalker rifle. Where as console players won’t bother with those weapons as landing the last “headshot” is crucial.