Are the Tiers timed or?

It takes a while to get from 1 to 2 to 3 Tiers…is there a timer for this or a set time period between each?By tiers I mean the blue boxed number located at the bottom right of the screen while in battle…And can you speed it up by doing anything specific?

In deathmatch, yes they are timed.

Are you talking about tech levels?

If it’s tech levels you have to research it. Unless it’s Strongholds, then you have to wait for the timer

They are timed, but you can get small jumps by doing things on the map. The one I’ve found so far is a single slot base going up (construction has to complete). I’ve noticed it drops the acquisition of the next leader power point by about a minute (I can get my second point at around 2:20 when I expand, a lil after 3min when I don’t)

Yea sorry I meant Tech Levels…thanks for the tips…I was just curious if it was timed and or different while playing different multiplayer modes