Are the servers down right now?

Anyone else experiencing dramas with servers or is it just me and my squad?



I’ve been looking for other threads about this too, I just finished a match and now says multiplayer is unavailable.

After re-launching it just sits at ‘transitioning’ and then offline again.

Yea something must be up.

Damn it just popped an xp boost too

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It’s kind of back up but keeps getting caught in the loading map part then sending us back, at least it’s progress.

I can’t get into multiplayer, and when I did I couldn’t do anything because I wasn’t fireteam leader, even though I’m playing on my own.

Same. Nothing about this on Halo Waypoint, so probably not planned by 343.

Nevermind that. All news I get about Halo I get from parties that are not 343. :joy:

The servers started the long weekend early. Priority zero and all that.

YET!! I just checked! If they are doing some to maint. They should have at least let us know!! :rofl:

Peace! :fist_right: :fist_left:

Didn’t you hear? If you want the servers to come back, you have to buy a challenge swap or more. The servers go down whenever there isn’t a constant flow of money to 343’s servers.

“Remember kids. Fun costs money.”
~343 Industries

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Well it’s a bit stormy here so I just assumed it was my internet acting up

I think so. I’m getting repeating messages saying there are issues with the servers or that I can’t connect to the fireteam. Especially pleasant given that I was only 20 minutes into a double xp boost. :roll_eyes: