Are the ranks broken?

During my ranking in the new season for arena (swat) I was playing above averagely and around the level of my diamond 1 friend. I went positive most games and won more than I lost often being on the top of the leaderboard. On my last ranking game I did my best possible and went 18 kills, 3 deaths. For two of my games though, I had some interesting matches. I fought a group of champions twice in a row who had one bronze one smurf so they could mop up their opponents. The rank I got was bronze one. I am very confused and wonder if the rank is glitched or if I received this rank due to losing to the bronze and champions. Please help.

Your rank is based against the csr of players you win against.
Example: if you match with Onyx 2 games out of your 10 and win those matches, but you match agaisnt bronze players and lose your csr will drop dramatically.
initial rank placement is no longer based purely on wins, its based on team csr.