Are the new wasps too powerful?

I find the defending team in warzone assault to have a powerful advantage when they use the new wasps to the attacking team. From my experience, it was raining hannible and oni bullets when I spawn. My opinion either end they lower the Heath on the vehicles or lower it’s damage.

I know there will be some comments that disagree but I don’t have all the reqs and I am down on the ground being shot by lasers that one shot kill you. These vehiclesare amazing but they need a weakness that would make them easier to take down.

No. They pack a punch but still don’t last very long when people are shooting at them. They’re fine. I’m glad they pack more a punch now than they once did

Are they way to powerful? I somewhat think so. But are they easy to counter? Yes as well

  • Rail gun - Anti-Air Wraith (though not good on Banshees, it can take out Wasps and Phaetons with ease) - Team shooting - Snipe out the pilot - EMPThough these come in at around level 3, just like the default wasp.

Not for a fireteam of 12…oh wait…nevermind.

Might be.