Are the new Medal qualifiers working as intended?

I am just curious how everyone is doing so far. They said it was improved and it actually took last seasons medals into account to prevent super tankers. So a Diamond 4 basically has zero chance to be a Bronze 3 which absolutely should be the case. I am just wondering if it is working as intended.

I’ve only been placed in Swat so far this season but. I was Placed Platinum 1 last season and placed Gold T6 this season so it seems consistent for me so far.

It seems consistent for me as well. I got rank gold in swat again and since then I got maybe 1 or 2 unbalanced games facing unranked or higher tier player.

I was Silver 4 last season in Arena and worked up to G6 and now got G1 which is fine since we had some crapper games in there. I was just curious if everyone else was satisfied with the changes of the new medal awards.