Are the lights on at 343 Industries?

Before the rest of the Halo community jumps on me for posting this question. Please note that I have read through, ON AN OFFICIAL THREAD, 75 pages of disputes, questions, concerns, complaints in respect to this matter without coming across a single response from ANY member at 343 Industries. I repeat that, 75 pages of concerns on an OFFICIAL thread, and no reply.

What I want to know, is the banhammer flawed and if so, what is going on? I have seen a number of concerns in respect to how hardcore this automated ban system works. I am asking in respect to VOICE BAN, which is my concern. I have no boosted, afkd or cheated, I have NOT been XP or Console banned.

The ban I received was a 1-week voice ban, which was given 11 days ago now and has still yet to be lifted. Is this an indefinite 1-week ban? And if so, why is there real way of getting to the root of what actually resulted in said ban in the first place.

The system APPARENTLY will voice ban you for a week if you are muted by to many people, and right there, is a problem. I mute anyone using a kinect as a mic, Im sure other people do. Im sure I have been muted, as my Turtle Beach X12’s have an OMNI-DIRECTIONAL which can pick up any sound anywhere in my apartment. (when my roommate is getting demolished in Black OPs II you can only imagine the colorful things he can be shouting in the backround.)

So you see, it is flawed, whether you want to admit it or not.

From what I have read, and you take everything with a grain of salt, especially when it comes to people claiming they were unjustly banned. But look at the thread for yourself, read some of the content in the 75 pages of issues and come to your own conclusion. But PLEASE 343 Industries… show us you actually care and that our 60 dollars or more wasn’t spent for no reason. If each and every person in that thread has been banned for good reason tell them that, and tell them if the ban is going to extend longer than originally specified. At the very least do us that favor.

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sigh I apologize for this thread, but honestly how discouraging is it waiting out your full ban sentence only to find out it was never lifted at all and still tells me “voice banned 1-week” everytime I log on… Just a simple answer would be nice…

Apparently the ban issues aren’t the only thing they’ve “cold-shouldered”. Just give them some time I guess, hopefully they’ll adress these issues.

I know; they are so lazy. Do you know how many milliseconds they haven’t put into making fixes during these past three weeks? It’s ridiculous.

Thanks Votarahk,

At least it’s not just the banned people who are being ignored. I’m not sure that makes me feel better about the issue. Hopefully soon there will be a fix. I’m very close to going back to Battlefield 3, and trading Halo 4 in for Forza. I’ve been a supporter of this franchise since it launched… I’d hate to walk away from it. EA, despite horror stories, has outstanding customer service. They will actually call YOU after you visit their website and click on a link making a request that they do so. You give em your number, and they contact you directly. 343i, you could learn a thing or two from the giants who have been doing this a long time.