Are the halo reach servers down for good?

I am very confused i go to play halo reach matchmaking and it says the halo reach server is unavailable at this time please try again later. And my player is showing that it is a recruit is this an outage or what?

Todo esta bien wey esta -Yoink!- ha estado pasando por años, siempre arreglan los servers rapidamente

Hi! I’ve been confused myself. I hope they aren’t down for good, I just started a new account to rank up all over again! I don’t see why Halo: Reach would be down permanently and Halo 3 isn’t. If I’m not mistaking, Halo: Reach has more players consistently.

Just played a few round of Gruntpocolips with my daughter, servers are still down.

There seems to be some issues with Reach at the moment, you can follow this thread in the mean time. 343 are aware of the issues and are currently working to resolve. If the server were to be going down for good, there would be announcements made well in advance. Don’t look for that happening anytime soon