Are the current issues being addressed

Are the current issues with Halo 4 being addressed for the future of the franchise?

The latest version of Ghandi’s Thoughts effectively lay out a lot of the general issues I feel that we have and I’m curious if anyone from 343i watch these.

If nothing else, you should watch this video in particular, it covers great points about Halo 4’s issues and makes some good suggestions for Halo 5.

This all comes to the root of my problem, personally speaking I have lost some faith in 343i’s decisions to some degree, the weapon and map optimizations have been great, except most recently with the addition of new armour mods, one stands out to me; Survivor mod.

I find it counter-productive, almost a get-out-of-death card, though not as bad as armour lock, the mod still means you have a chance to survive situations you would normally 100% die in, which further bogs down the Halo gaming experience, especially when I have played games where the same two people drove around the whole btb game using the mods and running away after ejection. Sure they died a few times, but they also survived a bunch of those times as well.

And what I’m getting at now is that it would be super awesome when 343i starts making the vidocs for the next main Halo that they reassure the community that they are making sure to recapture the old Halo formula, ensuring to be able to make all parts of the community happy and all that jazz.

I don’t want to make outlandish suggestions such as, “ensuring the make the game more traditional/more akin to Halo 2/3”, because many could and would argue this, but looking at the sheer numbers of the population here seems to be an indicator that staying the same won’t benefit the health of the future games.

So what is the community’s opinions and concerns? And I really do hope 343i eventually levels with us on what went wrong and maybe talk with their community with what could change for the better.

I hate to say it but they just need to add a halo3 playlist. Pretty much halo3 with updated graphics. Then and only then will people be happy. Verbatim carbon copy. No additions just halo3.