Are terminals part of the hidden intel?

So first off I’m super hyped to see 117 Hidden Intel items to find!!! Awesome. However I did not see mention on Josh’s post about Terminals. Are they being included in H5? Are they part of the 117 items or are they their own thing like the Skulls?
If anyone has insight on this please let me know!

From what we know, Intel is similar to the data pads in Reach.

But it would be pretty sweet if it was more items of various types (Such as Statues on Sanghelios, Or messages from loved ones on Meridian).

we can only hope

I’m sure there are plenty of different types of intel, no way they would make them all the same sort.

For some reason I thought terminals had already been confirmed. Not sure when or where I heard it, but I cant see them taking them out.