Are Spartan Armory Skins Exclusive?

If you are active on Halo 5 you probably know about a month ago there was a spartan armory pack released for 2 days for the Halo World Championship. In the pack there was 16 skins 14 of them being new releases and the other 2 being 343 skins that were previously only available to 343 employees. The Sharktooth Grin skins from the pack were shown in a early trailer for the Ghosts of Meridian update. Since they were shown most everyone assumed that all the skins excluding the 343 skins would be re-released in the upcoming 3 updates. Recently all the Ghosts of Meridian skins have been revealed, and to many’s surprise no Sharktooth Grin skins. Does this mean that all the skins in the spartan armory pack could only be obtained during the event? I sure hope not as that would be rather unfortunate for players hoping to get these skins eventually.