Are some Warzone players intentionally losing games?

Lately I’ve noticed that many of the Warzone matches I’ve played have suspiciously lopsided final scores like 1000 to 450. Looking at the losing team stats, frequently half of those that finished the match have personal scores of under 700. And these aren’t new players; they’re often level 60+. Whereas on the winning team even sub-20 level players are getting scores of 2,000+. Is there a reason why fireteams might be cooperating to throw games on purpose? It’s happening too frequently now for me to think it’s just coicidence.

A score spread like that is not uncommon in warzone, where a slight lead tends to snowball due to req levels. Also level 60 in this game is not very much game time, and the 20s may be second accounts or playing as a team. Level also has zero correlation with skill. I’ve played against countless 150+ players who have no idea which team they are on

it’s possible they’re doing it just for XP.

Check their warzone win percentage. Ignore Firefight stats.
Go to say, Stormbreak, and check out if they have a reasonable win percentage.
If they do, and are sucking, they may indeed be throwing games for XP and 152.

But some higher XP are just historic losers.

Because of the options to win a war zone match its not impossible for things like that to happen you could have all the enemy teams bases ready to destroy their core but the other team may have racked up points by killing bosses.

Unless the enemy players open your main base core almost instantly. then you proberbly got unlucky enough to play with a bad team.

There’s something like an arbiter AI on each game, that will balance damage to even the teams and stuffs like this. That AI for instance, when a SR20 and SR150 are facing off with classic pistol, will grant more damage and accuracy to the weakest lvl one.

I personnally experienced that and noticed it on other players : on game result it happens a lot that one or more SR145+ ends up with 2kills 15deaths. Furthermore, i used another account to start again to SR1, then i just saw how strong was the AI balancing between levels, making it frustrating for the most experienced ones.

So to go back to the main question : i think that those sub-level 20 you are talking about are just people that understood the AI balance thing and got back to lower levels for less frustration.