Are Servers down right now

Just wondering if anyone else is having issues, Several people from the community have reported issues including myself, Cant play hcs, social, or warzone

Something is definitely messed up right now yeah. Trying to play some Rock n Rail and I keep getting booted from matches, everyone is wearing default armor, and it took forever to connect to the lobby when I first logged in.

Having massive problems connecting right now. Started off occasional but now can’t connect to any playlist at all

ive been on and off with all that i have been trying to play…looks like im switch back to my PC to play games on there

Live Status.

As of 1:58pm mst, it’s not listed on the Xbox live status page as an issue. I’m starting to get issues pretty badly, so either it’s H5 specific, or we’re about to see Xbox Live as a whole start seeing some issues.

Always sucks when this happens on a Sunday lol.

Yeah, same here as everyone from earlier posts, something definitely not working right.

I was having similar issues earlier, the servers seemed to be frequently going on and offline.

It seems to have settled down now and was working ok the last time I was on.

cant get a team together red screen and kicking players

Server errors for me as well. Just happened a few minutes ago.

Also having issues. Completely broken, as usual. Can’t select any load outs or REQ’s whilst in a game. That’s if I even get into a game in the first place. Just like at launch. What’s gone wrong? Again?!

Bodes well for the Slipspace Engine.

Absolute FARCE!

Thanks for the reports all! Please continue discussion about this in the dedicated thread on the H5 Support Forums: