Are people still obsessing over fruit physics?

I had a clip I uploaded on my YT page during the flight blow up in the last week. Tons of comments and views out of nowhere all talking about the fruit physics. Most were joking about it but I had lots of people still seemingly harping on fruit physics showing that Infinite is not a quality game. Did this topic just get brought back into the light recently or has everyone just moved on from the fruit debate? I’m personally on the side of it doesn’t matter if fruit have or don’t have physics. I want good gameplay first and foremost.

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Never let perfection be the enemy of good.

Infinite looks good, it is far from perfect though.

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My thoughts exactly. As it stands Halo Infinite is a great Halo I can’t wait to play. It doesn’t have to perfect down to every little detail. Not to say those don’t make the game cooler or prettier, but it’s not an advertised part of Infinite that its realistic.

details matters, and even if the fruit doesn’t diminish the gameplay, those details do add to the global experience. FYI I don’t even reckon seen fruit in the game.

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Details do matter, just not as much as the core game itself. Also fruit were in the Bazaar map. The crate of fruit simply explodes when shot rather than breaking into smaller pieces.

Yes I am obsessed with fruit physics but not halo Infinite’s.
I still want my metal gear rising: lightening bolt action and a bods fight involving raiden making sushi in a food wars meets squid game situation.

I’ll show myself out guys, no need to get up.

But yeah I never card about halos supposed fruit problem I was too busy enjoying the flight to care.

When we talking about physics, than 343i should make the physics and effects better from nades, expolsions and vehicles, before they make the fruit physics better.


Anyone getting upset over the fruit physics on Bazaar has an opinion of such little importance that they’re hardly even worth recognizing.

I’m going to be 200% with you, chief.

Every single time I played on Bazaar, I forgot that the fruit existed. I never looked at the trees for more than a split second. Every time I played, I was more focused on killing someone or relocating than I was nitpicking at a beta build’s visual effects.

I noticed the lack of gravity hammer propulsion and grenade blowback way more often as well, and not nearly as often as I noticed that dead vehicles aren’t on fire. Seriously, the list goes on. Who cares about the fruit?

Yeah, I’m all for little details which are impressive in some games. Although they usually go unnoticed anyways.

So games like MGS, GTA, etc that have all these little nuances… They have a metric -Yoink!- ton of nuaces everywhere which is what makes them special.

But CoD and other games that have these little talking points also have garbage load types and all sorts of other BS.

So I could care less honestly, like if 343 decides to make Advanced Fruit in a later beautification update, cool, but that’s nothing to judge a game over because it has literally no effect on the gameplay or ambience.

Whereas a better example of a non-direct bit of polish missing is like Nick All Stars vs Smash in the sense that there’s no voice acting/filler SFX which isn’t critical to gameplay, but does make the game feel hollow.

Seems like some people actually got caught up in the joke and are now actually concerned about something not at all relevant to the game.