Are people somehow teaming up in free-for-all matches?

Started to wonder about this during a Vampireball match today, when a couple other players seemed to be spending the whole match protecting the carrier and shooting everyone else, and never going after the ball


There are always those who are just there for the KD.


I have, on occasion, convinced an enemy to stop shooting me by aggressively teabagging.


FFA modes like oddball / vampireball are often used to boost the k/d

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What on oddball thing to do. Did you see what I did there? Yeah, but know that is a weird thing to do.

This on the other hand is how objective gamemodes social have been since the dawn of stat trackers. Gotta pump those K/D numbers.

But wouldn’t protecting the ball carrier end the game quicker and give people less kills?

Not necessarily, if you’re going for kills then protecting the carrier is best strategy for kills per match, since you can assume most will be going for the carrier.

Not going to lie, in a past, I needed to finish top 4 or whatever in rumble pit, I totally protected the ball carrier who needed like 10 seconds to end the match while I had a 3-4 second lead on 5th place. Take it up with 343 and their challenge system. But yea there’s also always at least 1 guy who is there to just kill and doesn’t care to win.


Based off your title, as of right now, they probably aren’t. Matchmaking doesn’t allow 2 or more players in a party for FFA.
However, there are some on here who would like to change that on the grounds of “it’s social guys!!! it doesn’t matter!!!”. This happened a lot more with LSS. I’d rather just see a duos LSS gamemode.

I dont think that they are protecting the carrier. I see often that the carrier get also killed, but this players do not get the ball. They just go to stratetic position and wait for other that want pick up the ball.


Do you have a visual example of this?

Either just trying to pad their K/D OR they don’t like that game so they help some one win to get the game over with, which does happen in FFA objective games.

I’ll admit, i dont “team” but sometimes i just get kills to get the match over with just so i can get the match completion that the all-mighty challenge system. Example: i’ll hide on the edge of the map and shoot people as they challenge the leader just so the match will end quicker. I get hating me for that but its super rare that i’m in free for all and if i have a skip i skip the rumble pit challenges if i can.

People did this in halo 3 so they could come first and second… it’s called Xbox live party chat!

Although, not sure there’s a point in social. So it doesn’t really matter if they do. Just have fun.

Yeah depending on the game type sometimes people will just sit back and kill people just to pad their KD. Other times you might run into somebody and not shoot at them followed by the universally recognized crouch and uncrouch / -Yoink!- that may or may not be reciprocated at which point a somewhat tenuous agreement may be met and you may not kill each other, possibly even help one another.

My favorite thing to do in FFA matches is let other players engage and then ambush them both and clean up the mess. Also, I’ll let players flood the carrier and injure themselves, then once I feel like I have a good advantage, I’ll move in for the objective. With some players there’s a strategy to how they play, with others maybe they just didn’t want to play Oddball that match so they are more focused on kills instead.

That’s why I hate obj in ffa

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When Cumulative Score challenges exist, they best path to completion is to play every mode like it’s slayer. The pathetic amount of points you get for doing anything objective related pales in comparison.