Are MatchMaking servers down today?

I was wondering if MatchMaking servers are down today? I got on Halo Reach and it says Information could not be retrieved from Xbox LIVE.

Ok they are back up.

Oh good. I had this problem today too. thats good to know

Need to know, on Xbox 360 playing Halo Reach, and it says in Matchmaking ‘Information could not be retrieved from Xbox Live’? Need to know what’s going on???

@KingMstrChf117 having the same issue, wont let me go past the pre game lobby.

Its been doing this to me for two days i just redownloaded it and it wont let me play online

I got it on disc. Campaign works fine. But can’t even get into the Multiplayer lobby. Multiplayer was working fine yesterday. I just had to check to see if anyone else was having the same problems. Is it the company or something?

By company I mean 343 Industries…

I’ve been having the same issue all day.

Been playing Campaign and Campaign commendations update which means the servers are connected and stuff, but for some reason info can’t be transmitted to let me go into matchmaking? Don’t understand that at all…

That’s all I could play is Campaign. Suck, I prefer multiplayer.