Are map packs free if you own limited edition

As the title says really, should they be free if you purchased a limited edition copy and downloaded the codes within or do you just get early excess? as xbox live is asking me to pay for the map packs…

The Limited Edition contains a season pass for the 3 map packs (nine maps in total), so yes you get them for free.

There isn’t any map packs out yet so I don’t know why you’re being asked to buy them.

I never found a code for the future maps. Was there one in the box? Or will the system just know I bought the limited edition?

It’s bundled with the recruit prime code.

i’m gonna use bing rewards to pay for the maps. Get like 600 microsoft points in a weeks times, if you have 6 seperate devices ofcourse, and got a spare 10 mins a day lol

Apparently you can… Well there advertised on xbox live anyway.

Out of interest anyone who did get the Limited edition could you do me a favour and check your download History for what the exact wording of the add on for the Specialisations and War Games Map Packs as I just got a new xbox and have been re-downloading my codes for Halo 4 and have only come across the armour and weapon skins plus emblem for Limited edition.

Infinity Actual Kit is the only one that appears in my downloads but doesn’t say anything about specialisation’s or maps in the description.