Are leaderboards legitimate?

Unless I’m missing something i should be on leaderboards for medals… I don’t mean to sound like a whiner, but I mean like ranked 12th…I bet there are more like me who aren’t accounted for, I’m curious what to do about it. I’m not boasting, genuinely asking who do I ask to recognize this? I changed my name btw I will give for proof but my word is bond…i have about 16,500 medals roughly curious why I don’t see me on the chart?

I will respond to myself with crickets :cricket:


I have plenty of bugs I will continue to reply to myself over and over :slight_smile:

In a video game where you’d always find some cheaters at the top? That would be a first one :slight_smile:

Go for a “friends only” filter and compare/compete with each other.

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I just looked and I have more medals than “gigz” who is ranked 12th… so… can I please have credit? :slight_smile:

It’s based on score, so “gigz” likely had more kills/assists than you did. He may also havee had more difficult kills than you did (such as more headshots).

Hudso8 are you talking about medals? That’s what I am talking about. Medals are individual achievements we get at the end of each match… they range from basic to legendary…I’m not saying I’m better he would smoke me… I just have earned my spot on the leaderboard

Yes, I am. Each player is given a score (425, 1035, 2220), this determines rank on the end carnage report. It will often reward more score for more difficult kills. This is why they would place above you.

I appreciate the response hudso8 but I don’t think we are talking about the same thing. I am referring to the number of medals I have collected throughout my infinite journey. It is higher than number 12 and lower than number 11 on leaderboard. However my name isn’t there. I am not referring to score as I don’t score very high. HOWEVER to the very basic point I am making is the number of medals I have accumulated is the TWELFTH HIGHEST number of every halo player that halo tracker counts…therefore I should be on the overall medals leaderboard. NOT SCORE, NOT KPM, or whatever you might be talking about. I do appreciate that you have taken the time though.

Ah, I thought you were referring to the endgame carnage report.