Are LE buyers getting ANY benefits?

  • “Forward Unto Dawn available to watch with extras” = YouTube. Fail.

  • “Gain access to all 8 specialisations at release” = Took me till 20th Nov to get SR50 to be able to get all of them by which time everyone else had them (or near enough). Fail.

  • “DLC Map Pack Season Pass” - Standard Edition buyers were able to purchase the Crimson Map Pack for free. = FAIL

Halo 5 SE? I think so.

  • Everything gets uploaded to Youtube, so there wouldn’t be any points in seeing anything outside of Youtube.

  • Ranking in this game isn’t that hard, and you still get Specialisations that most of the other people still don’t have.

  • I didn’t get my free maps, and on many other countries people didn’t get the glitch, and not everyone that enters the game is gonna look at the price of the map-packs. You still have something many people don’t.

I knew a limited edition with almost nothing but in game bonuses was garbage, too bad you ignored all the people telling you five months ago it was a rip off. Deal with it sucker, your PoS limited edition just got worse.

I’m not an le buyer but I bought the map pass so I don’t have to pay the map packs. Then I realized my mistake.

purchased past participle, past tense of pur·chase (Verb)
Acquire (something) <mark>by paying for it</mark>; buy
I used my very own money, which is very hard to get at such a very young age, which makes me very upset that i spent an extra 40$ on digital hogus bogus that was given to everyone anyway!!! RAGE!!! …never buying a limited edition again.

Whoa whoa whoa.

There are a TON of players who don’t have the spec codes yet. MS broke the map pass, not 343i. LEs are normally just trinkets, nothing in-game. What did my Halo 3 LE get me? A giant plastic helmet to hold DVD cases in, and some bonus DVD stuff. Did I cry salty man-tears of woe? No. It was pretty damn cool.

Man the heck up already.