Are gungooses a myth?

has anyone actually seen a gungoose? i’ve played close to 100 matches and have yet to see one in btb or anywhere. it makes it worse that its now a weekly challenge and i can’t swap it out because i used all my swaps before 343 decided to do a midweek reset so now i’m stuck.

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I see one in almost every match. Pelicans bring them in

I get them dropped off on almost every Deadlock match.

Just another victim of the strange pelican drop off design for BTB.

Still waiting for a banshee to try and get 20 banshee bomb kills…


if its not a pvp requirement you should try the bot bootcamp. there is usually always one sitting on the behemoth map. its been there every match i’ve had on that map no matter the match type

It sadly is a pvp requirement.

unfortunately they seem to be a random drop by the pelicans on specific big team matches which probably vary by the gametype at the time as well. ive driven a few but i dont think ive managed a single kill with them. id check but they dont have stat tracking of any kind in this game. honestly most of my “play” time is spending hours on end waiting to be matched on the specific game type map combo i need for a challenge or achievement just to either be spawn trapped the entire game it finally happens.

unless the playlists get fixed i dont think im going to play the multiplayer at all anymore. its just not fun