Are graphical issues for Halo Reach being resolved?

After watching the analysis video from WHY comparing the Xbox 360 Reach to Halo MCC Reach, it seems like Halo Reach has quite a few graphical issues still and graphical settings missing. Is this being looked into by 343i?


I hope so. It’s one of those things that I’d never have noticed if not pointed out, but would still make a positive overall impact if added nevertheless. I never realised how washed out and dull Halo 2 Classic looked on MCC until they added it. Small visuals changes made a huge difference to its overall presentation.


Can you link the video? I never noticed any difference…

Very comprehensive video by why.


I do not have the ability to videos currently myself but thankfully another comment has! It definitely is a really good compilation video outlining multiple issues between halo MCC Reach and Xbox 360 Reach.

I actually just saw the video you’re talking about recently haha I don’t think 343 has stated anywhere that they know or are working on the graphical issues with Reach but I could be wrong, I would hope this is something they eventually get around to but I also don’t see it as a higher priority compared to other possible updates like customization additions to H2A or H2C, new maps in H2A, crossplay campaign for the other games and more. If they can get it done though I wouldn’t mind!

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Personally I like the MCCs Reach graphics better. Gives a better vibe for the game :man_shrugging:

Not yet!

Halo Reach ghapic issues aren’t be related on this MCC update

That’s nice, but it’s not how it was intended to look.