are ghosts supposed to spawn in city?

because i just hijacked one and i’ve never seen ghosts in the city before when im wandering

Well, there are few, but you rarely come across one. If you’re just wandering around and come across a Ghost, you should always try to hijack it because it can get you to places much faster than walking or a Mongoose.

They be rare I think. Nice 'jacking!

did you hijack it after completing the kikowani station mission? From my experience, that’s the only time you can grab a ghost.

I actually ran into quite a few when I played ODST. Not suuuper common, but not as rare as everyone seems to think.

I guess you’re luckier than some hehe.

> I guess you’re luckier than some hehe.

must be!

i got it right before the mission at the ONI base and yes i hijacked it :slight_smile:

They are very rare, but it certainly worth taking one over if the opportunity presents itself, they make traversing the city much faster.

They don’t just appear if you wander around for a long time. You have to play through the story without quitting. I think you will eventually run into one after completing 2 or 3 flashbacks.

Happens very rarely. I saw maybe 2 my first time playing through. I did find one that was unmanned. I felt happeh. :smiley: