Are Flood enemies available in ODST firefight now?

Not sure if they already updated this in or not yet, have been playing a lot of Infinite! I know originally 343 wanted this feature out with Season 8ā€™s launch but it that got delayed, anyone know if they said a new release date?

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As far as Iā€™m aware they were delayed and 343i have been quiet about when there going to be added.

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IIRC, There was a ton of issues relating to softlocking and AI functionality for the flood, while Elites were a bit brainless and missing the Stealth Elite rank from the files (the Spec Ops Grunts that should have been in a patrol with the Spec Ops Elites were also in the files but missing)

been all quiet on the mcc update front since season 8 dropped. maybe some news will drop next month?