Are enemies moving my reticle when zoomed in?

To describe my question in more detail - when I am zoomed in on one enemy (i.e. a Jackal) with a rocket launcher… if an another enemy (i.e. an Elite) passes in front my aiming reticle it seems like he moves it over in the direction he is moving. So then my shot is no longer spot-on the target I was aiming for. Does anyone know what I am talking about? Is that “auto-look centering” under the controller options? …surely not because it is already disabled :confused:

Aim assist, Auto-aim. Whatever you want to call it. It’s trying to help you aim. No it isn’t auto-look centering.

So can I turn it off?

No, and I highly doubt you would actually want to. Aim-assist is necessary on consoles.

Unfortunately, there is no disability option. It just happens. I think if you play on the harder difficulties it gets disabled.

It doesn’t, imagine if trying to kill everything was as hard as it is to betray someone when they are moving around. That’s what it would be like without aim-assist.