Are customizable visor colors gone too?

After the recent armor coating news, I realized something about the visors on the armor coating. On the monarch coating it had a bronze visor color by itself and also for the GameStop armor coating it had a silver visor by itself too. So does that mean customizable visors colors are gone too along with the primary and secondary colors too? I hope it really doesn’t come to this.

I am wondering about this was well. Based on what we have seen, it definitely seems to be that way. I really don’t get what is the logic is for this.

Something I noticed and have been reading through as well. Its seems like infinite is taking a fortnite (of course) and battle royal style turn to it. Leaving my expectations for the story very low and the multi-player is gonna turn into what every call of duty is now. I am not honestly looking forward to the game much anymore. Huge let down with what the Devs are releasing and telling us.
Its gonna turn into a pay to win.

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> Its gonna turn into a pay to win.

Don’t know how anything we’ve seen has given this indication.

To answer the OPs question though, no idea if they’re gone. If visors are customizable I personally would like to choose that separate from an armor coating, but that’s just my preference.

It seems kind of implied that the visor colors are locked to a specific armor coating, but I really can’t guarantee anything until we hear more. Each of the armor coatings we’ve seen so far have had a different visor instead of a shared one: Red Shift having a black visor, Monarch having a metallic-goldish visor, and Granular having a bright gold. I hope not, but I suspect that given the armor coatings we’ve seen so far, that the visors are also tied to specific armor coatings. That isn’t to say some probably won’t share armor coatings, but for the most part, I believe your visor depends on the coating.

To be frank, I wouldn’t expect you to be able to change visor color. As Karim said, its probably apart of one of the “seven channels” 343 mentioned.

I noticed this me too, I think it will be one of the 7 layers of a coating.

That’s a whole other Schrodinger’s Cat, it’s both customizable and tide to the coatings at the same time. Until we open the box we won’t know which it is.

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