Are assassinations coming back?

Does anyone know if assassinations are going to come back? We had them for reach, 4, and 5, and they made the game really fun, especially in modes where the motion tracker was off.


They said that assassinations would return at a later date but the troubling thing is they didn’t say how they would return. More than likely we will see various assassination moves appear in the store at some point.

I truly hope they dont monetize that mechanic

Call of Duty monetized “takedowns” (assassinations).

Battlefield 2042 looks like it wanted to (it changed BF’s assassinations from 1st to 3rd person like Halo and CoD).

Assassinations were even monetized in Halo 5. It’s only a matter of time before 343 monetizes them again in Infinite (once they are eventually added).

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They will.

20 Characters

Halo 5 did.

yes the game will have content trough 10 years, thats why they released a incomplete game, so they can add things (that shoulded have beeen since beginning) each year and they would say the game is continuously updated, very smart right?

For the sake of the health of the game: no.
Last thing we need is another reason for them to give us less playable content and more store-bought content.

They said they’re bringing them back down the line but knowing Infinite we’ll probably have to pay $15-$20 for the Bundle

I’d rather they simply don’t add any new mechanics/animations that aren’t in the game already. I can’t even play it right now and the last thing I want is something else to further break the game with an addition of assassinations.

Plus, it takes too long to kill someone with compared to the tried-and-true technique of a good ol’ fashioned beat down.

Well assassination was never forced if quick tap you won’t get assassination. I miss it but I think basic should be free but I wouldn’t mind wacky ones blocked by pay wall

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I think they will add them in a later update but idk for sure. I think some people don’t like them because they die while doing it but a lot of people love them

Short answser no with a but
long answer yes with a maybe

Yes, probably at $25 a pop, and with them being ported directly from Halo 5.

This isn’t true. And if it is, please explain.

I never bought anything beyond the special weapon skins, and I have all the assassinations.

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Well, 343 said assassinations will comeback later. How much time is “later”? We don’t know.

IMO, they aren’t coming back OR they won’t be what we expected/wanted.
As much as I like Infinite, it seems that 343 is going in the Anthem way; a few updates here, some patches there, and when you think things can, hopefuly, improve BAM! They call the game a failure, stop the development and move the dev-team to the next big game.
So i wouldn’t get my hopes up with them adding assassinations.

I really hope they do come back, especially for campaign.