Are all the Halos in the Orion arm?

Correct me if I am wrong but the UNSC and Covenant only exist in a small portion of the Galaxy called the Orion arm? This constitutes the known galaxy for most Halo species.

So, how have we encountered so many of the Halo rings? Shouldn’t they all be evenly spread across the Galaxy? I think we’ve encountered four of the seven so far.

Halo CE
Halo 2
Halo 4
Halo Infinite

Does that mean all four were in the Orion arm? How would you get coverage for the rest of the Galaxy? Guilty Spark told us the array was made to destroy the Galaxy with a series of interlocking pulses.

I guess if it’s one of the entire arms of the Milky Way maybe you could cover about half of it. But then why wouldn’t the Covenant or humans have spilt into the rest of the Galaxy if they’re end to end in an entire slice?

After the portal to the Ark closed, both humanity and the Banished were able to travel to the Ark using their normal slipspace drives. And since the Ark is far outside the galaxy, it shows that the various factions have sufficient technology to go to Halos outside the Orion Arm, even if their influence doesn’t extend to the worlds around those other Halos.

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But then why haven’t they encountered lots of other alien empires that aren’t Human or Covenant? If they can go anywhere in the Galaxy why not?

The Halos are relatively difficult to find, having extensive defenses to avoid being accidentally found. Cortana was only able to jump the Pillar of Autumn to Alpha Halo because she found the coordinates in another Forerunner structure.

There are three likely explanations that come to mind for me:

1: There’s only 123 races preserved by the Forerunners, spread across the whole galaxy, the others may simply be far beyond the Halos discovered thus far, around the other side of the galactic ring.

2: The other races didn’t find the Halos, and the Banished & Humanity didn’t want to introduce new variables to already volatile situations, so they didn’t make contact with the other races.

3: The other races simply weren’t significant factors in the events depicted in the games, but have canonically been interacted with, which will be revealed in future novels/comics.

This is all speculation, and I expect if we wait, we will get a definitive answer.

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Since when do humanity and the Banished have the ability with their normal slipspace drives to go to the Ark\outside the galaxy? Only way for them were the two known portals on Earth & Reach. The Banished arrived there by unknown means, which (correct me if I’m wrong) was a bit of a plot hole. The Spirt of Fire got there by slipspace, but they weren’t the ones who did it due to them losing their slipspace drive. I believe it’s still a mystery (like the Banished) on how they got to the Ark.

Yeah it’s a mystery how the Banished and Spirit of Fire got to the Ark. It’s presented as a question that’s never answered.

Much like it being a mystery why the Banished are on the Ark.

Which really shouldn’t be because the UNSC would be intercepting comms and interrogating Banished prisoners to get this information.

It was so annoying and they’ve very much adopted the same mystery box structure in Halo Infinite. Everyone is stranded on a Forerunner Installation with no idea where or how they got there. Nobody knows what the Banished are doing there. With the rest of the Galaxy kept obscure. Given that they didn’t provide these answers in Halo Wars 2 I have very little confidence these will be forthcoming in Infinite.

What stops the Chief getting a Brute and interrogating him until the animal tells him what’s going on? Or have the Weapon hack their Battlenet? Their motivations shouldn’t be kept a secret and it doesn’t make much sense.

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The covenant have already meet other species before humanity and they kill three of them : the Taurons, the Xal-kaajs and the Shinaris. They take some technologie from them, like the camouflage from the Shinaris

Oh I hadn’t heard about that. Was that in one of the older Encyclopedia?

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Where did you get this from?

Edit: You beat me to asking @total_war1402 by a minute!:joy:

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In the Novel, Hunters in the Dark, it’s revealed that humanity went to the Ark and established research bases, via very, very long slipspace journeys.

The Banished would have arrived at the Ark the same way.

The Spirit of Fire doesn’t know how they reached the Ark, but the only explanation is that they went through a portal… someone called them to the Ark.

In Halo Infinite everyone ended up on Zeta Halo because there was something there they needed. The Banished would have learned about Zeta Halo from information they acquired on the Ark, and Humanity’s interest in the location was it being a place where they believed they could lock down Cortana.

How did they even know she was “at” Zeta Halo? They don’t have Bothan spies. :smile:

I still don’t fully understand this plan to lock her down. If she’s in the Domain it shouldn’t be that easy to lock her down and how would they even learn how to do that?

If the Weapon had control of Zeta Halo why didn’t she start using its conventional weapons to destroy the Banished “fleet”?

How do the Banished know where the Ark is?

Yes, it’s an encyclopedia from 2013

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More former Covenant factions joined the Banished after the war, and some of them would have knowledge of the Ark.

As discussed before, I don’t believe the Weapon had control of Zeta Halo. When Chief finds her, she tells him that she was stuck in that room for six months, And Cortana appeared to have a measure of control over the Halo right up until she blew a chunk out of it. I expect that future installments will clarify that the weapon’s encounter with Cortana didn’t go how she “remembers” it happening.

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Yeah because she says she was at the Silent Auditorium before it exploded. But then ends up in that room. It’s weird but I can’t tell if this is a plot hole or a legitimate question in the narrative.

Why would former Covenant join the Banished if it’s an atheist organisation? They should see them as Heretics to kill.

Having lost their religious heirarchy, the former Covenant factions were largely adrift, without metaphorical sail or rudder, and the Banished offered them purpose.

In Halo Infinite we hear some of the Banished using the zealous language of the Covenant, showing that they didn’t abandon all of their beliefs, but they were able to resign themselves to work alongside the secular Banished to become strong and fight a mutual enemy.

Why go on long slipspace journeys when you have a giant portal on Earth?!

The Keyship (Truth’s “dreadnought”) is literally a key to open that Portal. After the Dreadnought was left on the Ark, humanity had no way to re-open the Portal. That’s why they took the long slipspace journey.

But at some point A Huragok came into their possession that had served on the Keyship, and it was able to trick the Portal into opening. I’m not sure what the status of the portal is currently.

Wouldn’t they just make their own religious leaders?

But that purpose is Atriox wanting living space for the Brutes and his own power. Surely there are other more palpable options?

Yeah even Esharum makes reference to the Gods and the Propaganda Grunt complains the Elites aren’t being on brand.

I think that’s a little too convenient. The Covenant were fanatical and would kill any unbeliever. Whereas the Banished whole reason for existence is suppressing the weakness of religion which the Covenant represented. It’s a bit like in Warhammer where the Emperor suppresses religion because he believes it makes humanity weak. Whilst other religions believe the divine truth is being suppressed. It’s a fundamental conflict that shouldn’t be reconciled.

Remember that in Halo 4, they met one of their “gods” (the Didact), and he was defeated by Master Chief, the same human that obliterated their entire religious structure and decimated their military. There is definitively a lot of reason for the former Covenant factions to change their way of thinking. It is within reason for them to agree out of desperation to ally with a faction that has power, and the resources to help them keep their ships running.

And my understanding of the Banished is that they’re utilitarian. They aren’t religious, but they’d see the utility in increasing their numbers by bringing other former Covenant factions into the fold, slowly turning them to the Banished’s way of thinking.

They were still fighting as late as Halo 5. I doubt the religious Covenant would fade away at that point.

But if they had power and resources then why haven’t we heard of them before and why wouldn’t the UNSC and SoS make destroying them a priority? The things that would draw former Covenant would make them a target.

Plus, how did the Banished Fleet avoid being destroyed when the Guardians woke and surely most of what they had was on Doisac; which went boom. If they were a big deal then they would be a clear target for that. At that point Atriox isn’t a good bet.

I don’t really see them as utilitarian. You’ve got a Cult of Personality with Atriox. You’ve got a clear preference for Brutes and Brute traditions in the organisation. They talk about wanting revenge and delight in massacring humans. This doesn’t strike me as a rational organisation.