Are All REQs Available In REQ Packs?

I have used the REQ system a fair amount and I really want the Helioskrill helmet/armor. I know it is unlocked after completing all halo campaigns on legendary in MCC but I want to know if it is possible to recieve in a REQ pack. I assume the Astros emblem can only be obtained for buying the Halo edition headsets but it doesnt make sense to lock items away from people just because they don’t want to spend money. I’m unsure if the HCS skins for the AR and Magnum were just guaranteed in the limited time HCS packs or if they were literally only available for those few days and you can never get them from a REQ pack.

If anyone knows definitive answers and can provide quotes, I would love a reply!

Try asking in Halo 5 and you may get a faster response. I dont have Halo 5, sorry!

Thank you I didn’t realize I had posted in MCC. Sorry.

Your welcome, I figured as much. Happens to the best of us.

The only items that are unattainable via Reqs are Helioskrill and Achiles armours! Source me :slight_smile:

HCS were only available during the promotional REQ period so if you didn’t get it then, you probably never will :frowning: