Are all challenges daily or weekly?

Im hearing 10 or 11 am central for daily reset.

I know weekly is every Tuesday.

Just wondering for event progress

Yes, event challenges are a weekly challenge. The daily challenges, and weekly, reset at 1 pm, CDT.

So if I’ve finished all available challenges.

(And can only get 50xp per game.)
Just wait till tomorrow for more challenges to progress.

Fracture/ enriched

I usually had 1 or so per day i didn’t want to complete.

Yes, the daily will reset to 300xp, then 200xp, and so forth. But the event ones will not reset. If you didn’t complete it today, it will be there tomorrow. Until next Tuesday, then it will leave, and you will have to wait until June 14th for your next chance to progress the event.

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This is dumb in game but seeing this written out makes my insides hurt.

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