are 343 going to show....

Are 343 going to show the 9 maps that come with the map pack on the LE or do we just have to wait and see them ourselves on November 6th?

Well the 9 maps for DLC don’t actually come out on November 6th. They come out at a later date when DLC would normally come out. The pass is just like a token to get them when they do come out. I think.

I am sure we will have to wait at least a couple of months before we get the first three.

There’s probably nothing to show at this point. They’re still in development I bet.

I think they are still in development, and we probably won’t know much about them until a few months after release.

ok thanks you guys, lol I guess i read it wrong.

yes there still in “devopment” lol sureeeee