archive de requiem 1...l armure "raider"

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je veux savoir coman que je fait pour debloquer les 3 iteme darmure…epoliere…torse…casque"raider"

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If I understood correctly you are asking for the requirements to unlock the Raider armor if so the requirements are:

> Complete the next Spartan Ops missions on Legendary:
> Raider Shoulder: Landgrab
> Raider Torso: Sniper Alley
> Raider Helmet: The Challenge

As for the Raider DSTT the requirements are:

> Raider DSTT Shoulders: Complete the first 3 episodes of Spartan ops on Legenday
> Raider DSTT Torso: Legendary Co-Op/Solo campaign
> Raider DSTT Helmet: 1000 war games