Archangel Division- Official Recruitment Thread

Archangel Division Command and Control Center for Recruit Evaluation

As the title of this thread suggests we are looking for new recruits to our young but fierce Spartan Company. Officially we are a special taskforce of the UNSC under the command of the Spartan Command and Control. Our purpose is to assist the UNSC and our fellow Spartans in the defense of Earth and all her colonies but seeking and eliminating hostile alien and humans elements before they are threats as well as assist in the training and evaluation of fellow Spartans in the Wargames simulations. Potential additions to the Archangel Division need to possess these basic qualifications:

  • Be a registered Spartan - Request either an invitation or prove yourself against some of our members - Have completed the main campaign - Be willing to submit to the chain of command - Be willing to coordinate your clan tag to incorporate the ARC1, ARC2,Etc… based on Division seniority - Be willing to participate in Division Activities such as recruit evaluations, Warzones and arena challenges.
    Listed below are our plans and goals for all of our members which is both as a professional Spartan Company as well as professional halo players who we accept into our team:

  • Assist all players in achieving a 100% completion of the main game campaign. - Assist all members in obtaining atleast Diamond Level Rank in all Arena playlists. - Provide a tight knit community of friendly competition for training and promotion evaluationsOur Current Leadership list is as follows:

  • Lord Sypherion- Division CO - An8yroldbadass- Divion XO - Prince Sypherio- Division Training Coordinator
    Currently the Archangel Division is looking for Fireteam leaders, Vehicle specialists, Field Commanders.

Ranking system updated for all new players.

I would like to welcome Bidswall1 To the Division once he get on waypoint.

are you just a spartan company? or are you a full clan website other games supported ect?

I have other clans for other games but I along with my partner are still working on getting a centralized clan site up and going.

Still looking for players to join the clan!