Following today’s announcement of Spartan Companies being available to coincide with the anticipated release of Halo 5: Guardians, we’re announcing Arcane.

What exactly is Arcane Company, and what makes it stand out among other Companies? Arcane will focus on attempting to implement logical and easy strategies and tactics to help aid in battlefield victory. Here’s a quick breakdown of some (though not all) ideals the Company will attempt to maintain:

  • Playing as a team means working as a team - Each member of the Company reflects back on the Company as a whole - Professional attitude should precede professional gameplay - Do your best; be your bestArcane will strive to play together for the benefit of the whole, and will do so with honor and integrity. This means that some things are not permitted within the Company’s ranks, such as (but not limited to):

  • Obscene/offensive language - Quitting (unforeseen circumstances being the exception) - Cheating, boosting, or other forms of questionable means by which to gain the upper hand in battle or in rank - Verbal personal attacks - Contentious behavior - Unsportsman-like conduct - Etc.Doing our best, and having fun doing it is top priority, but not at the unnecessary expense of others’ enjoyment.

If there are questions, feel free to reply on here, or send a PM/Company Request.
All Requesters might require 1-3 games of play with a Company Administrator for final verification before Enrollment.

We look forward to battling alongside you!