ARCADE CLASSIC --- 4v4 Competitive 2-Base Arena

Please give my map, ARCADE CLASSIC, a shot!! It’s a symmetrical 2-base 4v4 competitive arena map. Check out the video for a quick walkthrough.

GT: Hosty Sponge
Version: 0.7
Gametypes: Slayer, CTF, Strongholds

Video Walkthrough (2 min)

================== UPDATES =================
Version 0.7

  • Major aesthetics updates.

Version 0.6

  • Fixed major lighting issue that was causing the map to appear blocky and pixelated.
  • Aesthetic updates to smooth things out and tone down the colors.

Looks good

> 2533274960138998;2:
> Looks good

Thanks man. Try it out if you get a chance!

On another note, the map’s been cleaned up a bit and a longer walkthrough video’s been added.

Sorry if you tried to download the map in the past few days and it didn’t work (I was having some problems with the server). It’s fixed now.

Since the first version, the map’s undergone a major aesthetic overhaul. Please give it a shot!!