ARC Gamers is Recruiting!

Hello, my name is ARC Sabe Ito: here to represent ARC Gamers. ARC stands for “A Real Community” which we are: a community of gamers devoted to playing games of all sorts, including Halo and especially Halo 5, Destiny, Call of Duty, Minecraft, Elder Scrolls Online, Star Wars Battlefront, SMITE.

Who – We are a group of gamers who play regularly for fun
What – We are a gaming community consisting of over 100 members
When – We get together on a daily basis with gamenights, events, tourneys etc…
Where – on the xbox one console as well as our internet forums
Why – To bring gamers with a common interest together, HALO!
-ARC Big D 5

You can contact me, ARC Sabe Ito, ARC GuiltySpark or ARC Spirefly 5, ARC Big D 5, ARC Christ 5, The ARCitect V, and ARC Shock 5

Come join us for social, or hardcore gameplay. Try out for our HeadHunters team for Halo 5. Join our Forge Team and create really cool maps. Play our Minecraft worlds. Join our Destiny raid nights. Fight with us in the new Warzone for Halo 5. Get some players for the co-op campaign. This is what we are: a community that plays games together for fun and competition.

We have a website called Go check it out!