ARC Gamers - A community of gamers who are chill.

ARC Gamers is a community of gamers who play Halo 5 and other games and are very very chill, like you will freeze we’re so chill.

Hi! I’m part of a gaming community called ARC and I was wondering if you would like to join. If you do send me a message (Gamertag: ARC Sabe Ito) and you can join in on free prizes, tournaments, and gamenights daily. We have a website called and a GroupMe where members chat between each other. We have extremely competitive teams who are competing in Halo Championship Series. We currently have members of the Apogo Tribe within our ranks. We have a ranking structure and if you want to rank up you have the option to change your gamertag to represent ARC. I’m in the Halo squad called Envy.

If you are interested, contact: ARC Sh0t 55, ARC Sabe Ito (Myself), ARC Cmdr Knight, ARC Foolatea, ARC Novastar, ARCJacieTwisted

Come and join the fun that is ARC!!