Arby n the Chief and Arbiter avatar costume

Now to start off Arby n the Chief is probably the funniest Machinama ever it’s not the greatest but it’s very funny. John or Jon, CjGram or whatever you call him had a very excellent storyline with the new episodes and seasons, and that show was big enough to, at sometime make it to the front pages of

I believe that Arby n the Chief should be an Easter egg in Halo 4. Such as if you get to the location you hear there voices but don’t see them, then you look down and find two action figures having a conversation. I think they should have a different conversation each time you visit them but to some limit you can’t have unlimited conversations between the too. I also believe they should take notice to you as well as a rare conversation.

Arbiter-“Chief I think that’s the Master chief from Halo 4.” Chief-“I would be deeply appreciative if you would refrain from speaking. u no im the only chef n here this gai is a hologram its fak duhh, silly arbiter.”

And there would be more to the conversation but you get the picture. Also why would 343 just randomly put the arbiter mask in the market place hmm? They did say the Covenant would return but they said the COVENANT not the Arbiter as we know the elites broke off from the Covenant a while ago, so when they mean Covenant they mean Hunters, Grunts, or brutes but maybe they could be a side enemy you fight. As we all know that the enemy wont be them because it is a ancient threat and no it’s not the flood they are ancient but there not a new threat. So this means the Arbiter may be in Halo 4.

Support Arby n the Chief!

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i als0 tink dey shuld add moar armur lokk usage innit t0 maek teh ga3mpleh butter!

Chief sees Halo 4 gameplay

Chief: ZOMG! Dis game lukz OSSIM POSSUM!!

Arbiter: I thought you didnt like 343 industries…

Chief: Silly Arbitur, every1 knows Bungie makez Halos, lol remembur… lol remember arbiter??

If you were to ask me in 2007 I’d jump at it and support Jon in every way possible.

Now I’m incredibly skeptical of his work. It seems as if he’s followed the same path as Roosterteeth. Started out great, worked their way into writing dramatic drivel that doesn’t compare to the originals.

At this point I don’t think either RT or Jon deserve an easter egg dedicated to them. But that’s just me.

I could see that happening. Jon has a huge amount of Halo fans, and has been a huge success like Red VS Blue. I would really love to see both Red VS Blue and Arby n the Chief Easter Eggs in Halo 4.