Arbiter strategy

So I think I’ve come up with a solid strategy for the arbiter which will really help make him a strong, competitive leader (feel free to change anything to improve the strat) so lets get into it.

Arbiter playstyle: Personally I believe the arbiter plays better in a supportive roll rather than main brunt attacker. his grunts (not suicide) and enforcers have increased speed meaning they can pick up power nodes easily and pick of singular units at the start of the match, this speed increase also means he is especially good at flanking and outmaneuvering his enemy (quite a lot of resemblance to the shipmaster) and will get into how to effectively use this in the guide.

Build guide: (Every time you get enough power upgrade your eco) extractor, grunt, grunt, harvester, grunt, harvester, grunt, raid camp, grunt, enforcer or suicide, harvester mini base and put a raid camp on that build as many enforcers and grunts (not sui) as possible with your eco, build no more than 5 sui grunts that should do once you hit between 60-80 pop sack both raid camps if the game is going well and get a extractors and upgrade if the game is going bad keep them till you get control. get tech 2 get a secondary base and go apex, apex and go from there how you see fit with resources, main base on the two extra slots war council and try get level 2 logistics and level 1 reinforcements supply/ ext what ever you need more of.

Leader powers: Teleport, conduit, spirit assault, conduit, mass stasis, conduit, surge, surge, surge, and use the rest as you will (I normally avoid mass cloak as it’s so easy to counter so I find it pointless)

Early game: With the first 5 grunts grab supplies, then recall all units to the first power node and work on controlling them this will make up for the one ext and really help on the techy side remembering to chase down all single units to set them back early game, once you are confident you have map control of the nodes now you are left with a few choices, if they’re rush teching see if you can make some hits on the base using the speed of the enforcers and grunts, mix up the teleport with the enforcers as this gives them conduit which in my eyes makes the arbiter, if they too are rushing you have two choices, if it’s a scout rush DO NOT CHALLENGE you will lose in this scenario hope your teammate can help and try go straight for the guys base as scouts will ram and rip your army. once you have done damage to your enemy and his army comes back try pullout keep you army alive its expensive to replace and will set you back don’t risk it also atriox will ruin them aswell with his splash damage is pretty dumb, if its infantry hit it head on enforcers are green vs infantry if there is a leader there use the elites to stasis him and focus the infantry suicide grunts will massively help and in my eyes pretty over powered, also the whole leader abilities and sui grunts work on stasis units is a myth it doesn’t I have tried once you have the energy go tech 2 then secondary.

Mid game-late game: Now you should have good map control you should start on your banshees the beauty of this strat is while you keep them boxed in you can expand so in one apex go banshee the other upgrade to tech 1 then 2 then mass banshees in the two slots war council logistics lvl 1, 2 and pop increase. from here start to smash out banshees and 4 engineers sacking your infantry slowly as you can use the left overs to cycle all base build spots using spirit assault and tp to massively buff your speed, health and armor conduit is the main thing for the build. once you have the banshees up at tech 3 and torpedo’s you are genuinely unbeatable level 3 conduit banshees are faster than any unit in the game and can destroy bases in seconds so teleport as many in as you can the rest fly in they’ll get there in no time stasis all the opposing units DO NOT CLIP THE BASE WITH IT this will hit you with conduit all leader powers stack the time but not buff stacks. If for some reason this attack fails pull back and make sure they’re not expanding cut them off and keep expanding. If you ever get spare supplies though out this get arbiter to level 2 as when he rages it activates the conduit which is what you need try to spam the conduit level 3 with banshees is pretty broken beats any army and melts bases plus gives them slip space speed meaning you can do hit and runs on anything.

Tips and tricks: Stasis units are 100% invincible, you can use stasis on your own army and teammates to give them chance to heal, mass stasis can be used on bases and can cover the entire base meaning it turns invincible friend or foe, stasis on opposing bases pauses what ever they’re building but friendly bases carry on. do not build arbiter straight off the bat he’s not worth it, every conduit upgrade increases it’s AOE and the buffs provided from it.

Any other ideas on how to improve this guide please leave below and I’ll update this one, I personally believe the arbiter is one of the strongest support characters early game then once you get the powers up with banshees he can take on anything, he’s a strong versatile character which has a use all through out the game.

Thanks for reading and have fun with the strat !

Been looking for an Arbiter strategy for a while now, this one’s awesome! Thanks for it!

It’s a shame that the Arbiter hero is so useless. Do you have any uses for him besides triggering Conduit of Rage?

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> It’s a shame that the Arbiter hero is so useless. Do you have any uses for him besides triggering Conduit of Rage?

Sorry about the wait on the reply but no not really, his health is way too low to compete with other heros, his damage is good but it glitches a lot with retreating enemies so he misses also he has a habit of charging in and refuses to retreat which is really annoying. Just keep him in the middle of your army and only use him for conduit

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> It’s a shame that the Arbiter hero is so useless. Do you have any uses for him besides triggering Conduit of Rage?

I snuck him along with two Phantoms full of Enforcers and Grunts behind an enemy base to turn the tide of the game once. A Scarab+ a bunch of Engineers were holding off the enemy army. Sure, the only defenses were the shield generators and turrets along with a few smaller units, but it worked. So I would say he is ok if you have spare resources, but not something you’d bet your survival on.

I think you can use Arbiter in an aggressive playstyle, but you have to keep this strategy hidden somewhat. Build your base up normally until you have level 2 tech and a raid camp, and have unlocked the Phantom passive ability. It’s best to have logistics and reinforcements maxed out as you’ll burn through units unless you executer it right. Load up around 7-9 Phantoms with Elite Enforcers; preferably with the gunboat capacity and Arbiters Champion upgrades to there respecting units, then go ham on the enemy bases. The infantry inside have a tendency to shoot at whatever the hell in nearby, so try to avoid the opponent’s army and take out the undefended bases first. If the have Wolverines or Reavers try to keep the phantoms away or drop the Enforcers around the base. if a Phantom goes down your units inside will still live but will be venerable to attack. I’ve taken down bases in roughly 30 seconds (If defended) to 15(undefended) by doing this strategy. It works better in 3v3 matches against leaders based in ground units. I’ve been able to execute this strategy within 10 minutes of a match and it can really take an opponent by surprise. This is the only way I seen to play Arbiter aggressively and effectively. The Phantom is the best garrisonable vehicle for infantry do to its great mobility and cheap production costs (around 290 supplies and 30 power?) although they are weaker than other garrisonable vehicles. The Enforcers are great anti-building units due to their range; although, they do have a higher build cost than jump pack brutes and hellbringers. This is an aggressive way to play as Arbiter although it does have its weaknesses.

+'s: Early Attack against opponents and easy base destruction, excellent mobility of units.
-'s: Still prone to rushes, needs to be kept hidden to prevent counter stratagem, if repelled first wave will need supplies to mass produce more units

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