Arbiter, my worry and thoughts on franchise path..

Okay I want to say something about halo 5… Arbiter it’s great seeing my #1 again however he went though changes and his personality was so different. I found he went from the fearless one man army against the covenant and brutes who even took shots at chief to a not so powerful very unlike himself almost cowardly. He was not as ferocious as before. I still remember halo 2 “I’m going to cut the cable” I didn’t feel that arbiter ferocity in 5. I felt he was mistreated character wise. But nevertheless he was awesome, just wish he was handled different.

now saying that I worry he is going to drop off the radar. It would be nice to see him and chief only back in action and I think he should have some solo games. I don’t want a great character misused. I want to see him have his glory like bungie did in their games. I pretty much felt he was made to be a one trick pony not only was he in the back when I know arbiter the real arbiter would be frontline with his people but he needs help? He is extremely capable.

now i I hope you read this 343 it’s important…
in halo 5 due to the lack of arbiter and random people added in that we don’t know and a short campaign I’m worried. DO NOT pull a call of duty or battlefield and run for a multiplayer primary game leaving the campaign in a bad state with forgetful story arcs and characters I can assure you we love great cinematic and gripping stories more than multiplayer or a balance at least. I found halo 5 a good start. I expect a much bigger effort in campaign in the next.

all of my favourite single and multiplayer games are putting so much emphasis on multiplayer and are scared to do 2 player coop like halo 3 it has to be 4 now. Please do not sacrifice halo story to make multiplayer great because that’s how the popularity will pummet.
i love multiplayer have since halo 2 and went back to play 1 (I was a kid only played story) and I want to see it continue but I want story to come as importantly or if not first and be balanced not shirked like nothing. And halo 5 unfortunately gave me the feeling this is what’s happening.

any players story or multiplayer if you have the same worries, voice them and spread this around so 343 sees.

Thank you from a huge fan…
regards, Jacob