Arbiter ! An Arbiter DLC?!?!?

We could all use an Arbiter campaign DLC to Halo infinite, much like how awakening the nightmare and operation stormbreaker were dlc Campaigns to Halo Wars 2 and kind of how Halo 3 ODST was sort of an extension campaign to Halo 3 (2 years later).

This DLC will be you playing as the Arbiter, fighting the Banished against several Big Banished enemies like a Banished Hunter captain, Banished Goliaths, Banished Scarabs, Banished grunt goblins, and a Banished Warlord (Pretty much a Halo 3/Halo infinite Brute chieftain with a Gravity Hammer… but stronger and more influential as seen in Halo wars 2).
In this DLC, you start out in his Halo 5 gold armor but the Arbiter himself uses the elite base appearance skin of the Halo infinite/ Halo Wars 2 elites now. As does all of the elites.
The Banished being across the Galaxy is bound to come across the Arbiter and his forces, and being the Arbiter is one of the last living relics from the old Covenant (even if he became a foe to the Prophets), the Banished’s hatred for the Old Covenant will see the Arbiter as a threat and … attack. The action setting of where this takes place can be at 343 industry’s discretion of course and surprise us with Arbiter meeting Atriox in the end or something to help tie in the idea that Chief and Arbiter at some point in future games will reunite to try to fight Atriox.
So in this DLC we will get ACTION ! Here is the small detail breakdown I have in mind,

1.) The HUD set up is similar to that of Halo SPV3, very alien in appearance setup with blue and green color schemes and small forerunner/covenant glyph detailing, circular designs etc. And his elite troops radio comms also sounds very alien in nature. (See Arbiters HUD in SPV3 mission “The commander evolved” for reference)

2.) Equipment
•Where in SPV3 you can use an energy sword as a permanent Equipment, now as the Arbiter in this DLC you have the same ability but the Main equipment you start out with is now your Prophets Bane energy sword, it can be upgraded throughout the game just like any other equipment can be, to be stronger strikes, faster melees, longer lunges etc.

•Another equipment to obtain instead of having a danger detection system like chief has, is simply Active Camo where it upgrades to last longer

•Another equipment where chief has his grapple shot, Arbiter has a Halo 2 elite style jetpack (Also a throwback to Halo Reach) to help him travel the environments easier. Cab be upgraded to last longer in flight.

3.) Rather then sprinting you have the evade option similar to the Halo reach elite ability, now as a built in capability.

4.) If you hold down on the melee button you will perform the classic Elite hammerfist lunge melee attack as a power move.

5.) Battery plasma weapons you use such as Plasma rifles and plasma pistols can be recharged at stations found around the maps exactly how they can be in normal Halo infinite.

6.) The Arbiters elites, grunts and Hunters use classic covenant armors and weapons to give a nostalgic Halo feel to his troops, details down below.

A.) Elites
•Minor- no longer blue in common Elite armor color but now Green. They are found only using Plasma rifles, needlers, carbines, and plasma grenades.
•Ultra- white in common Elite armor color, only use plasma rifles, concussion rifles, needlers, carbines and plasma grenades, but when shields are broken will get engraved and draw a Classic energy sword.
•Spec Ops- Black in common Elite armor color only use Plasma Rifles, covenant Carbines, Concussion rifles, fuel rod cannons, or Beam rifles with plasma grenades. (When encountering them is when you can obtain active camo equipment and upgrades.)
•Zealot- Golden Classic Elite armor color but now are seen wearing the councilor elite helmets , just everything is gold…
They are found to only use a “Zealot energy sword” which is pretty much an enhanced energy sword yellow in color instead of classic blue in color… hence their name, zealots, they are the strongest elites in the Arbiters army and because of their zealous nature in battle are seen leading large amounts of troops in Arbiters absence. They are the ones typically found on Arbiters Scarabs, They move and run around the field the same way the zealots did in Halo Combat Evolved, fast yet legs look like they are gliding/striding slowly.
•Honor Guard- the Halo 2 honor guard armor has been repurposed to be all metallic silver in color for Arbiters forces, and they use only plasma rifles, concussion rifles, or Honor guard energy swords (Pretty much a duelist energy sword now Green in color not classic blue), with of course plasma grenades and are seen only ever deployed in pairs with the sole purpose of defending either a Zealot of the Arbiter himself(you).

B.) Grunts
•Minor- Now green in standard grunt armor color and are seen to only use a unique a plasma pistol.(described below). with plasma grenades.
•Ultra- White in armor color but still use classic grunt armor, with the curlback style backpack tank(like some grunts used in CE), using the special grunt plasma pistols, needlers, or fuel rod guns with plasma grenades.
•Spec ops- black in grunt armor using only needlers or fuel rod guns and tend to throw plasma grenades often.

C.) Hunters
•Standard- Green in armor color using the standard green Hunter fuel rod cannon seen in Halo CE and reach where its a single shot that explodes on contact.
•Champion- Bright Gold in hunter armor color using the Hunter Beam cannon (like Halo 2/3 hunter gun) where the beam emitted is yellow in color.
•Spec ops- black in hunter armor color using a hunter shade turret exactly as seen in Halo SPV3.
(These Hunter variations will be fun to see fight against Banished Hunters and Banished Goliaths)

7.) Arbiters Vehicles he deploys for his troops
(All classic covenant vehicles)
•Ghost - Halo infinite ghost, Now full green in color for The Arbiters troops shooting blue plasma.
•Wraith- classic Halo 3 Wraith now also green in color using blue plasma mortars.
Banshee- classic Halo 3 ODST banshee now also green in color using blue plasma.
•Spectre- Now dark metallic alien Green in color instead of the classic red. Fires classic blue plasma from the mounted gun.
•Phantom- Green in color like the Arbiters Phantoms in Halo 3.
•Scarab - Halo 3 style scarab with high ranking elites and grunts stationed on it to travel large terrains and go up against Banished Scarabs, though are technically not as powerful or armored, but that’s the fun of it.

8.) Weapons Arbiter’s troops use
(So to replace all unsc weapons but obviously keeping all Banished weapons as they are the main threat still we will see the Arbiter’s elites use

•BLUE Plasma Rifles (can Emp and stun)- replaces Assault rifle
•Classic Halo 3 Plasma pistol (very weak emp only lasts like 2 seconds now and gun can slightly headshot now) - replaces sidekick
•Needler - same as Banished , replaces nothing
•Covenant Carbine (now green not purple) - replace battle rifle
•Beam rifle - replaces unsc sniper rifle
•Fuel rod gun - replaces unsc rocket launcher
•Concussion rifle- replace hydra
•Maulers(Now used by Banished Brutes)- replaces bulldog
•Spikers- used by Banished now to fill in the old UNSC SAW slot
•Red Brute Plasma Rifle- used by Banished Brutes now to go toe to toe with elites with blue plasma rifles.
•Needle rifle(Now used by Banished Skirmishers)- replaces Commando

(And of course we will still see energy swords used by high ranking elites, and all other guns found in Halo infinite not used by the Banished, will be found in random stashes and places around the game)

And with all this Said, I’d love to see these exact details to be put into a campaign extension to reintroduce the Arbiter! Would you like to see Arbiter again??


Arbiter, Blue Team, FireTeam Osiris, FireTeam Majestic, FireTeam Crimson and the Spirit of Fire would all be great reinforcements and assists to the game.

I admire this post of yours @Wuunderboy.


An EMP Plasma Rifle. Now that actually sounds like a version of the gun I’d use. Usually it gets overshadowed.


You should be in game development. I’d play this.


Thank you everyone! I forgot to mention in this post, Classic Halo CE elite sounds for the Arbiter’s and even the Banished Elites.
“Wort wort wort” , “Hup Hup” , “ahhhh hold the mushrooms” , “NOOOO!” , all death sounds , etc.

Thanks! Yes the plasma rifle is very special being it was the first ever covenant or just alien style weapon we ever seen on screen starting back in Macworld 1999. It is the biggest shame how it was attempted to be replaced again and again by 343 when it clearly could have a well defined purpose if it had the strength and accuracy of a halo CE plasma rifle and with the additional effect of having an emp effect on vehicles when rapid firing them a bit , it would reserve its slot as one of the most important and iconic guns again that we all love seeing elites use the same way we love seeing marines use a assault rifle

Agreed Arbiter DLC would be very welcome. You could add a Short burst Jetpack to fix the grappling hook issue. Hit box size difference might come up. Solutions could be as simple as make them different. Cloak, jetpack suddenly size difference is just part of the kit. In coop player 2 being arby would be epic. Good covenant would need to have a different look from banished OP has the right idea.

Yes that’s exactly why I broke down the Arbiters forces in extreme detail to make it cool interesting and make sense to the lore somewhat but more importantly to help the player distinguish good from bad aliens.
Also the hit box wouldn’t matter really because this dlc you are playing as an elite and facing Banished ai. Nothing to do with spartan players vs elite players as we seen in Reach multiplayer. This is strictly campaign. And the jetpack boost thing you mentioned isn’t necessary because we already have Evade built in to replace sprint which is unlimited amounts to leap in every direction, so all you need is a normal jetpack to help get up to high places. Hope that makes sense