I love both :^( but I picked AR for the poll.

I like both also but the Assault Rifle just feels better.

I feel the smg is more effective than the ar I usually pick it up with my pistol

Smg has around the same range/accuracy but much more powerful. With automatics power is the main concern.

Assault rifle :stuck_out_tongue:

SMG because it makes me feel like a gangster.

SMG is my go to close quarters then i always have either a DMR, BR, or pistol for my secondary weapon.

The SMG is far better in general. Kills faster, bigger mag, roughly similar accuracy up close. The only thing the AR has going for it is better range.

If both people saw each other at the exact same time and started firing at the exact same time the SMG will win every time so long as the AR-user is within range for almost every shot of the SMG to hit.

That’s not taking into consideration the skill level of the 2people, or whether or not they are moving or not. It’s assuming they are standing completely still, aimed at the torso, and literally started firing at the same time.

The AR range is what made me choose the AR for the poll. The SMG is the better CQB weapon, but the AR has a slightly longer range so it’s a little more versatile.

SMG because you can pair a longer range weapon as your secondary (i.e. BR).

Both depending on range.