AR Starts need to go

Title says it all. The gun requires far less skill than the BR, and the pistol isnt nearly as reliable as the BR. Even just a BR slayer option would be a nice change. It sucks that to enjoy the game I just have to play Ranked.


I like the AR starts as they are right now. People are actually running around the map instead of taking peakshots and spawn kills from far. I also like that it give you a fighting chance against BR users too. BR has been the OP king of any and all modes for way too long to the point where people only use that and power weapons.

I would not mind more game modes. If we ever get a slayer only playlist it would be more interesting to have different slayer modes like BR slayer, Covi slayer etc etc.


The AR is a perfect starting weapon. People forget you’re supposed to couple it with melee and grenades to gain an advantage. And long bursting it is actually better than just full pull triggering it. Only thing I’d change is the distance it shoots.


Br starts turn the game into a sweaty palm fest. Adding BRs into the mix would just bring all the tryhards in ranked over to QP due to the starting secondary weapon. I mean that would be the only difference between the two other than a rank that we all know is gonna get reset periodically.

But I agree that the AR is just too spammy of a weapon to be a starting gun. Commando/sidekick starts would be better


AR start is fine by me.

They just need to stop replacing the BR spawns with commandos on maps randomly.


My problem is the skill required to use the AR in comparison to precision weapons. Yeah it promotes people running around the map, but it also promotes mindless pushing, and trade offs with melees,. Sometimes I don’t want to sweat in ranked, but not get annoyed with the mindless pushing of AR/Pistol gameplay. There’s no in-between right now, and it sucks.


Commando I would be down for, Pistol just feels really underwhelming to me. Just something different than the mindless AR play would be great.

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br feels off, id prefer the ar start as you get a magnum that feels good to shoot, the timing or something just feels off on the br as its now

I think ARs need a change, either 1 of these 3:

damage drop off
no HS multiplyer
bloom increase
ive had too many instances of litterally being sniped by an AR at range


Yeah I’ve had a few times where I couldn’t believe it was an AR that killed me too…sometimes the thing fries you at range when it has no business doing so

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AR starts are great. Maybe you need to go and have a rethink


AR is finally worth using again. It’s been trash since H3 and it’s finally a decent weapon. It needs no change.

If you wanna start with BR play ranked. Or just wait until the add a slayer playlist, I’m sure one of the variants will have a BR start.

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They are absolutely not.

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It shouldn’t rip at range. Sure keep it good at CQC that’s fine. Back to my original post I don’t want to be forced to play Ranked and sweat to start with a gun that requires more skill


Agreed, BTB is painful to play. The sooner they change it the better.


The AR right now is a literal automatic sniper

It took me a while to realize it but they set this up so you’re actually playing two different games. AR starts in Quick Play are very “Call of Duty” and BR starts in ranked are reminiscent of what most of us associate with classic Halo.

Only problem here is when they decide to introduce more than two playlists how are they going to reconcile the two?

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The BR dosent need skill either, Its HITSCAN! And if DMR returns, turn of bloom and bring them to be projectile based.
And to pad your AR hate so you feel better, alright… it needs a bit more spread. Im not sure what its head shot multiplier is, but 3 shot to head or just 1 x maybe. Its 7.62 mm. Thats gotta do something to non shielded melons.
The AR needs to be tap fired at range and its TTK is awfully low, the dps drops due to recoil.
H3 had the best BR but the most piss poor pathethic AR. Every weapon should be able to kill, but some needs more effort and to compensate, different uses. The argument that BR should be the ONLY weapon that can kill and is " skillfull "… Where the blazes did the most fanatic BR camp come from really?

WAIT! I have an solution that surely wont be heard anyway. But pure fists start! Then EVERYBODY can punch their way to their favorite skill weapon, be it AR, Commando, BR whatever. And Snipers take more skill than BR

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I think both AR starts and BR starts have a place, just in different modes. For social playlists, AR starts is a really good idea, and while I wasn’t keen on it at first, I have very much warmed up to BR starts in ranked play. That seems like a nice balance for now, but once we get more playlists, it would be nice to see 343 mix up the starting weaponry a bit.

that’s hilarious, I would prefer projectile too, but if it took no skill everyone should be getting perfect kills each time. They aren’t.