AR, Sidekick, BR Balancing: Terrible

I’m sorry but AR/sidekick starts are terrible.

I’ll play entire matches getting outgunned short, mid, and long ranged by the AR, whether in running AR, pistol, or BR.

Pistol is unreliable at any range vs. AR.

BR gets outgunned by AR and pistol at both short to mid ranges.

Its so unbalanced, it’s hilarious. What a joke of balance.

I’m not even gonna mention the uselessness of every other weapon in the game when compared to the AR.

Unreal it took 6 years of “fine tuning” for this lack of quality balance.


343, pls just delete AR from game files and stop handing noobs easy free kills

BR starts needs to be a thing


Disagree. Besides Ravager, Commando, Energy Pistol, Disruptor, and Pulse Carbine, this is the most balanced Halo game to date. AR, BR, and Sidekick have the best TTK, but only marginally. Almost all weapons are good depending on skill and I suppose aim assist makes the Stalker Rifle and Shock Rifle better on controller. Almost everything feels very balanced. AR could use a spread cone at a distance to be less accurate for sure, but otherwise, it feels great, aside desync netcode bs.


Cap and a half. The AR is B tier at best in competitive play.

The BR is much more flexible.


Am I the only one who wants the halo 5 Magnum back?
MK50 is to fast for me to handle and I miss how powerful halo 5 magnum was.
Powerful, with an average speed and Accurate.
As for AR and BR: AR is just perfect just the way it is, and I’m being positive; in halo 5 AR wasn’t so good, not very accurate, slow and lack of power.
As for the BR in halo 5 BR was perfect.
In halo infinite 343 did a great work adding and improving the AR and BR, AR and BR Isn’t terrible, just admit it you are not good handling it :blush:


Another post where BR purists are demanding a nerf of the AR? Cant we just ask for a buff of all the other weapons that spawn on the field so people feel more compelled to swap their AR out for something better instead of demanding BR supremecy every time you get outgunned by an AR?


Of course I’ll also agree to your request.

eh, I feel the AR/sidekick/BR are the only properly balanced guns in the game for me.
AR is great feeling.
BR is great feeling.
Pistol is great feeling.
Shotgun is horrendous
Needler is just irritating and shouldn’t be in multiplayer but I guess the community likes it.
I think all the alien weapons need some sort of work(im on pc tho) I wont even pick them out other than the needler…even tho i think it shouldn’t exist in multiplayer I at least feel confident with it.
I feel BR should certainly get outgunned by AR at at both short to mid ranges…otherwise why even have it?


AR, BR and Sidekick are very well balanced.
Dont touch this 3 weapons.
Most of the other weapons need adjustments. Ravager, Plasma Pistol and Pulse Carbine are the weapons that i never pick up. Because they are always outgunned by AR, BR and Sidekick.
Take a look at the Pulse Carbine in the campaign, even in legendary, its a beast.
Try the pulse carbine in MP, it seems just a very weak version of version in the campaign.


AR needs an accuracy nerf, it’s shooting past it’s intended range at full auto.

Sidekick has too much bloom, it feels more luck based than skill based. Feels like the Reach mangum all over again. Either take your time and be beamed by a rapid fire, or rapid fire and play the lottery machine.

BR has a tad bit too much range.

Simple fix, simple concept.

I think a lot of our butthurt will go away once we get a Casual BR playlist, and more than 1 ranked playlist for precision starts. It’s not asking much here to be frank.


343, pls just delete AR from game files and stop handing noobs easy free kills. BR starts needs to be a thing

Complains about handing noobs easy free kills. Immediately asks for BR starts.


Hold down RT

or press Rt and have to aim?

Which takes more skill? Such a hot take.


I agree for the AR to reduce the range a little bit.
The BR seems fine to me.
I use the Sidekick both ways, on mid range i take my time, on short distance its just rapid fire and strafing. Won a lot of BR encounters. I had to adjust on the sidekick, but i like it more than the magnum of Halo 5.

Nah it’s not the RRR on the Ar, it’s just it’s super accurate.

The BR does need a RRR nerf though. I love my BR I do, but I know a problem when I see it lol.

I just can’t with the sidekick. It’s a lottery machine for me, and I can’t stand that. Fact it’s 12 rounds, and 7 to kill… with what it has going for it, makes it feel like a bb gun squaring off against a .308. It’s only use I have seen is finishing people off, which I find detestable. You can’t have two viable weapons? If you aren’t using your laserbeam AR… you are wrong in casual playlists. That’s what I don’t like about it. People always complain about the sandbox, but turn into hypocrites about it. (not you persay but a lot). So we have reached square one, yet again.

We need the magnum back, or make the sidekick act more magnum-ish.


I agree, I want the Sidekick MK50 be more Magnum-ish, more slow, powerful and accurate to make use of skill rather of rounds and Luck. :disappointed:


I’ll take anything over the sidekick I hate the thing, even if the h5 magnum isn’t that different it’s way more satisfying


Its’ clear they made the AR so OP to get noobs from other games to play.


I think the weapon starts are fine as they are. I don’t have a problem with the AR, but I do prefer the BR or the pistol, though.

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At most, the AR needs a range nerf, that’s it. The sidekick needs a bit getting used to but would be better if the aiming problem was sorted (For controller). The BR can easily outclass the AR in all ranges as long as you can hit your shots. If you start with the same guns and you say you get outgunned, then it sounds like you just need to get better at the game, not trying to insult you but this sounds like the case.
And no the BR starts. Precision weapon starts are always a bad idea.


Nah mate. It’s not hard to implement a casual playlist for BR starts. It doesn’t effect you PERIOD to have another casual playlist. We don’t want to be forced into braindead gameplay and OP ARs. If that sails your boat play it, but majority of us are in ranked waiting for a decent casual playlist to play when not in ranked.

Plus BTB being ARs makes me not even want to play this game. Glad to see MCC popping off since infinite.

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