AR should have mag size decreased from 36 to 32

Let’s talk AR balance. I love the AR in this game. It’s actually useful up close, decent at medium range, and not just a throw away gun like in most previous Halo games.

I think it’s damage, range, and recoil are perfect. However, I do think it’s a little too forgiving. I think if it’s magazine size was lowered to 32, it would require more skill to burst fire and people that just sprayed with it at medium range would run out of ammo before killing somebody, which would be good.

Reward burst firing and making sure your bullets actually hit over those that hold the trigger. Plus, the Halo Reach and Halo 3 ARs had 32 rounds. I’m worried the community is going to say the AR is too strong and nerf damage instead, which would turn it into a throwaway weapon and most would only use the sidekick from then on.

We don’t need a utility weapon in this game like the Halo 2/3 BR, Reach DMR, and Halo 5 magnum. The balance is nearly perfect as is. All playstyles are viable. 32 round mags will punish people who can’t burst with the AR and this one of the few changes I suggest, along with some aim assist tuning for the skewer and sniper rifle.

Give it 60 rounds like in Halo CE :sunglasses:

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> Give it 60 rounds like in Halo CE :sunglasses:

It’ll never be very good then.

Limiting mag size forces accuracy to be a requirement for a kill.

You think so? I’m actually feeling the opposite about the AR, I think it needs a 5-10% damage increase (nothing too crazy, just a SLIGHT bump). It feels like the weakest gun of the group at the moment. When I’m using AR close range against someone with a pistol, they outshoot me 75% of the time which shouldn’t be the case. Maybe it’s more the pistol being on the strong side, but the AR feels underwhelming to me.

I disagree because as it stands you can take down 2 Spartans at full health if you have 100% accuracy with 36 rounds i think removing a single bullet would punish a player able to land all their shots

They should increase it to 39.