AR should a ranked starting weapon

Seems like you dont have a good argument then.

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I did above but just for you “Straffing and ducking become more critical.” Also closing the gap with an AR takes more skill. If I can do that before you kill me with a BR then it creates a more dynamic game. You would have to be good at multiple skill, not just using a BR.

At first I wanted ranked to have AR starts too since I liked starting guns being consistent across both social and ranked (like in Halo 5).

But the BR is so good and fun to use that I’m now really happy it’s the starting weapon in ranked.

Had a good laugh from this thanks :laughing:

I understand where OP is coming from but I must concur with most that the BR is the wiser choice. Not saying that the AR has no place in competitive Halo (I pick it up always if possible), but as a primary weapon it would introduce the RNG of bloom with a potential TTk benefit over the BR which will not promote healthy engagements.

In the first flight I was really hoping the commando had a shot at becoming the ranked primary but in its current state that would be even more harmful then the AR.

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it might be “nice” to have different opinions, but that does not mean your opinion is correct or holds value.


said every mass murderer of all time

Exactly. It is about map control and teamwork. Too many micless solo rushers in ranked atm.

Ranked settings were always a liland appealed to a type of Halo player rather than a skill testing player. This is an issue nobody ever listened to me and others about for a loooong time.

Ranked settings, traditionally, makes the game easier for a certain kind of player. But it’s never spoken about this way.

No, it’s kind of a power weapon on the map. The AR is worth picking up to Get easy close range kills

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Disagree. Battle Rifle should stay as the starting weapon. Yes, they have finally made AR a useful weapon when compared to earlier games, but it still is just “hold down your mouse and spray” kind of gun.


I can say the same about those that want BR starts. The difference is that no one has put forth a logical argument about why having BR/ARs as a start would be bad. It takes a higjer skill to use both well. I own people with both in this version of Halo, so why not keep both to keep the ranked population diverse and healthy.

You saying that means you suck at defending it and dont use it well. If you just spray and pray then you dont know how to use it. Also halo on pc is silly to me. Most versions were made for consoles only so bring it over to pc ruins the experience.

I’d rather have Pistol as a starting side weapon.

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I’ve been saying this since H3, I haven’t even scrolled down and I know you just made a lotta AR fearing noobs rage lmao.

Actually some people made some decent points. Still though, I just hate that I can’t use my favorite weapon in ranked. That and the radar… but I never understood MLG, so maybe that’s why. I’m competitive, but only in the halo settings I grew up with.

competitive in an FPS
want a random spray and pray weapon to be the main weapon

been a good while since I’ve seen a post like this, sorry but AR starts will never be in competitive ( almost like the AR isn’t a skill based weapon )

The AR is a skill weapon. I have heard some interesting arguments on this thread but none to justify leaving out AR from ranked. And unleas you are in charge of 343, I dont think it is your call if AR shows up in ranked.

How is it a skill weapon, you run at people and hold RT. Where’s the BR tracking? the pinpoint sniper accuracy? the map control needed to get the rocket launcher?

But you don’t have to account for strafe as much as you do with a BR. The AR is firing out more bullets and this gives the user way more margin of error when missing.

Because the BR objectively is harder to use than the AR in close range, on maps that are inherently close range. There’s no outplay potential with two AR users because it’s just a spray weapon. The person who shot first wins.

That’s why in Bungie Halo games the AR kills slower. I (personally) think it needs to kill slightly faster than the BR to at least account for spread and less effective range, but not a full 0.3 seconds faster, both have some range to them.

“AR is a weapon that takes skill”

You lost me there, its beyond easy to use.

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