AR should a ranked starting weapon

Ranked should have ARs and BRs at spawn. AR is a weapon that takes skill and can be equallys as punishing as a br.


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No. Ranked should have only one weapon starts to force scavenging the map for a back up. Being able to switch to a secondary and not have to reload the primary is priority in ranked and adds to the skill as well as makes the sandbox more usefu.


Can I stop you there?



Isnt it nice to have different opinions. I would rather just have AR starts but to many want BRs.


Yeah… Nahhh… sorry Ranked BR starts is GOAT. I’d be fine if 343 introduced a playlist sure… but I can’t imagine it would be a popular Ranked mode.


The AR does take skill, but the difference is that the BR is a precision weapon which requires a higher level understanding of movement, shot placement and accuracy which is necessary for ranked. In addition, in Infinite, the BR is not that good of a weapon, with a higher TTK than the AR, only really being useful for mid range engagements.
Having the BR as a starting weapon means you have a high skill precision weapon that you start with, which you can than switch depending on your own style, the map, and the situation. It is the ideal starting weapon because of this.


I dont think any of those are good arguments. Using that logic, just have pistols or snipers for starts and remove melee. Either AR starts or BR/AR starts. Having booth keeps things even and it becomes more about skill and less about who memorized where the good weapons spawn. And I would argue defending an AR is harder than a BR. Straffing and ducking become more critical.


Nope. Not going to stop because I think I am right.

You would have a better argument if weapon spawn locations and type were random but they are locked in ranked. If them becomes more about who can memorize weapon spawn locations to get an advantage.

I dont care what they think. This is about a video game and there’s no reason to be scared of people on a forum.

I think they just need to introduce separate playlists. Personally, I prefer BR starts. You could have both, but having only one starting weapon seems to be great for ranked play.

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The amount of times I’ve played Ranked and thought, “Man, I’d really like to just spray someone down with an AR right now. Like, this close quarters gunfight would be so less tedious if I didn’t have to try.”

On that note alone I’m gonna have to disagree with your suggestion. The AR is properly balanced as it is IMO but it doesnt belong in comp. There’s a certain amount of skill needed for BR duels that giving us a close range powerhouse like the AR would violate.

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No. This shouldn’t even need explaining why having AR starts in Ranked is a terrible idea.


That’s a big part of Halo competition, and I imagine that’s why there’s only BR to start and locked spawns. Rotating your team around power weapon spawns is very Halo because it emphasizes sandbox play.

It actually frustrates me that spawns are randomized in social because of how much Halo I’ve played and that was a core feature of it. I imagine they randomized them in social to cater to the very specific weapon challenges. Because if they were the same and you knew a weapon didn’t spawn on that map and mode, then you’d be mad, but at least you get a chance if it’s randomized.


Explain how it takes skill.

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I was just about to type something like this out.

But yeah, to piggyback off of this, the basic flow of Halo to me has always been:

Push>Gunfight/Power Weapon Grab>Fight Resolution, rinse repeat.

The grab is an essential part of what makes Halo Halo, unrandomized weapon spawns and no initial secondary encourages that and reinforces that design theory.

What do you do first off? Push to get the power weapon advantage and/or find a secondary weapon to bridge any percieved gaps in your damage output.


to quote Chandler from Friends “I respectfully dissagree”

In previous versions of ranked, you had AR/BR starts so it could be about map/weapon control. Doing wbat I suggested fixes the issue. And if you use your logic, halo had no BRs when it launched so why should the be in ranked. That is true halo.